At Thygesen & Birk Fabrics, we are proud to be one of the only companies developing Sportwool, a unique and individual product developed by us, on the basis of “The Woolmark Company”, and their Sportwool Trademark.

We are one of very few companies in the world, that have permission to produce and promote the Sportwool brand. Our Merino, is also a product vi value very highly as being expertly developed and technologically advanced.

For fifteen years, Thygesen & Birk Fabrics have worked with production and development of Sportwool, making it our own unique fabrics, which we have done through our customised special treatment, that gives the wool unique traits. Our Sportwool fabrics are known for being a functional fabric, made with the healthiest fibres, which gives a milder skin contact, and allows for a unique and natural sweat and heat transport.

Our Sportwool is specially designed to be used by the most elite athletes, that are looking for any advantage they can get in the sportsworld. Our proucts are therefore, highly sought after in the cycling world, where customers such as ”Rapha” use our merino and Sportwool in their cycling clothes and gear. Furthermore, our sportwool and merino is used by ”Ortovox”, whom are the market leaders in Outdoor and Ski Wear products, that are used in the most extreme condtions, where our products can isolate the coldest weather, and cool the body on the warmest days.

Sportwool & Merino is the most technical working area for Thygesen & Birk Fabrics, where we work with our most technically advanced product, production cycle and product treatment. We have countless product treatments such as plasma treatment of the wool.

We also offer full transability of our wool-products, such as full traceability Merino wool yarn, where we strive for the best quality – also re-cycled PES og EXP or even plasma-treated yarn-wool with full GOTS certification.

Sportwool and Merino have to different purposes, sportwool is designed for more active occassions, such as skiing, cycling and outdoor activities. Merino, however, is used mostly as a baselayer for underwear, since merino wool has fantastic traits such as tempering the body, sweat transport and breathability.

Sportwool & Merino is our most advanced working area, where our wool is tested and developed to its full potential, but for us, it’s much more important to offer an environmentally friendly and mulesing-free wool. A promise we keep by having high standards for our wool supplier, which we maintain by travelling to Tasmania and New Zealand ourselves to keep the standard up.