At Thygesen & Birk Fabrics we care about our society, our environment, our colleagues and our customers.

Our main focus above all these areas is respect. Whether we do business, produce, interact or work – we aim to do it with respect for those involved and for our surroundings.


We aim to be socially responsible in the countries, in which we have our facilities. We aim to create more jobs in these countries and contribute to the economic development in Europe. Our ambition is to become pioneers in bringing production back to Europe and creating a stronger European textile market.


We care about the environment, but as a manufacturer we are also aware of the environmental costs of our work. We take that in consideration when we develop, produce and transport our products. We adhere to the following environmental requirements: REACH Declaration for SVHC and Oekotex 100. We aim to have even more certifications in the future.


As we care for the sheep involved in the worldwide wool production, we only buy and offer non-mulesed merino wool.



We aim to treat our colleagues with respect and fairness. Our work environment is to be free from discrimination, harassment and stress. We aim to have a safe working place, fair salaries and dedicated colleagues, and to ensure these conditions we provide training courses, extra management and a contract with union provided terms.



When doing business with our customers, we aim to act professionally and with integrity. We focus on an open dialogue and trustworthy process, so all of our customers can feel respected, secure and satisfied with our work.