Our 2 collections are our forecast for Autumn/Winter season and Spring/Summer.
Directions and fabrics themes, which are all inspired by and developed from society’s modern consumers- and lifestyle-related movements and trends. The essence of these movements and trends are translated through narratives, image inspiration and materials customized to the fashion and textile industry.
All inspiration and fabrics are selected to assist your creative design process and future collection.


Our customers want individuality, innovation and quality, and that is why we love co-creation. Co-creation and customization is crucial for making special and unique fabrics. We are experts, specialists and geeks. We manufacture innovative, trendy and technical knitted fabrics. We are experts within the circular knitted and warp knitted fabrics, and we have a wide variety of knitting machines. We make fabrics for the fashion, sport, medical, lifestyle and industrial industry. We love creating fabrics for any needs, whether the need is trendy and colorful jacquards or technical and functional 3D spacer fabrics. And needs are in focus in our company.