Basic is the core of Thygesen & Birk Fabrics’ individuality and creativity. Its the most unique development area, where we are market leaders, a position we will never surrender.

Heritage, traditions, high quality, environmental focus, unique products and constant development are few of the keywords that describe Thygesen & Birk Fabrics, whilst also describing our Basic collection.


We are experts with decades of experience and a deep passion for developing new fabrics – an expertise and passion which are the foundations of our Basic collection. Basic is exclusively developed by Thygesen & Birk Fabrics, and mainly targets printing  and large-scale production, with orders up to several hundredthousand meters.


Our Basic collection is customised to every customer, putting their wishes and needs as our main foucs. We offer jersey, rib,  interlock, pique and seamless on the largest frames possible. As we try to have the best and most competitive pricing and quality,  we are very proud to be the only ones in the world to offer frames up to 1000 meters without any seams. We even offer 1500 meters of Jersey with only one single seam – which gives  2-4% savings for the printing companies, which  makes our products the most effective and environmental-friendly.


We work constantly to optimise our production, where we invest into new technology to have the most effective production, and the most environmental-friendly product on the market. The Basic collection is specially treated in preparation for the digital print machines, which is done in-house with our inkjet  machines, a technological development we are proud to offer.