Our heritage and traditions hold a very special place in our heart; we aim to maintain the spirit of our founders and the  spirit of good Danish craftsmanship.

We are experts, specialists and geeks. We love what we do and we do it well.

We manufacture innovative, trendy and technical knitted fabrics. We are experts within the circular knitted and warp  knitted fabrics, and we have a wide variety of knitting machines.

We make fabrics for the fashion, sport, medical, lifestyle and industrial industry. We love creating fabrics for any needs, whether the need is trendy and colorful jacquards or technical and functional 3D  spacer fabrics.

And needs are in focus in our company. Our customers want individuality, innovation and quality, and that is why we  love co-creation. Co creation and customization is crucial for making special and unique fabrics. We offer a close  collaboration with our customers, where they can rely on a personal dialogue, our trend knowledge and our many years  of expertise. We are always honest, quality oriented and cooperative when it comes to designing and producing our  customers’ request

We take pride in always being updated on the newest trends, techniques and technology.  Every half year we research, analyze and develop our own trend collection of different fabrics. As a fabric manufacturer we must be up front with the next trend, our customers’ wishes and the endusers future purchases. Therefore we use the principles of trend-sociology, travel for inspiration and have collaborations with trend agencies. Our trend collection is showcased at fabric fairs, customer meetings and in trend books for designers and purchasers.

We want to take a stand in the textile industry by being transparent and showcasing how we work.

Our process normally starts with a customer request, a special design or just a simple order. Then we work out the compositions, settings of the machinery and the work begins. When the first sample meters of fabrics are knitted they go through a testing process, where our specialists test for composition in percentage, weight, pattern, color and faults. Our customers can also request a pilling or snagging test of our fabrics. When the quality and color is approved the production can begin, and finally the order will be sent and delivered to our customer.

To secure our high quality we have partners throughout the world; partners such as yarn mills, dye houses, trend agencies and etc. These collaborations are based on a mutual understanding of integrity, loyalty and quality.

Our customers are our livelihood and we offer them a good relation, good conditions and high quality products. Our customers can expect to get a high quality product, continuous product quality, a standardised quality control and  service, a wide selection of yarns, compositions and fabrics, delivery on time, a short process, good prices and a fair  complaint process.

We also offer environmental friendly yarns as well as non-mulesed wool, and all of our fabrics are produced in Europe.  Our customers can also request traceable wool and a transparent production, as we care for the environment, animals and people involved. All of our textiles is produced in EU, either in Denmark or Poland.