Our story, as Thygesen & Birk, began in 2010, where two renowned Danish  companies joined their threads to create an innovative  international company. The company was established on the foundations of Thygesen Fabrics, founded in 1931  and with great know-how within high quality fabrics for the fashion, sportswear and underwear industry, and on Birk Jersey, founded in 1975 with great experience and knowledge within jacquard, jersey, rib and basic fabrics. Our heritage and traditions hold a very special place in our heart; we aim to  maintain the spirit of our founders and the spirit of good Danish craftsmanship.


We are deeply rooted in the proud traditions of the Danish textile industry and we  are driven by the wish to secure our textile heritage worldwide. We are located in Denmark where it all began, but we have also expanded our production to facilities  in Poland. We take pride in preserving our Danish textile heritage. We have the  passion, expertise and drive for creating. We are one of few European knitting manufacturers, and we are determined to hold our ground and keep the textile  industry in Europe.


We are one of Europe’s leading manufact urers of innovative, trendy and high  quality fabrics. With over 50 years of experience, knowledge and passion we  develop and produce high quality circular knitted and warp knitted fabrics.


Our vision is to strengthen the textile industry in Europe, by creating and preserve production and jobs in Europe. We work continuously with focus on the environment and sustainability, in all three part development, production and social  responsibility.


We want to be pioneers by creating productivity and strength in Europe as well as  we want to be pioneers by preserving the European production and European jobs. We want to focus more on sustainability and our environment.