At Thygesen & Birk Fabrics, we are proud of our creative approach to warp knit and technical fabrics. We aspire to develop new fabrics, and with this drive we work hard on meeting the special requirements of fabrics to cater for every single industrial and technical use.

We strive to develop unique, technologically advanced fabrics, with focus on functionality – a very challenging process, that requires creativity, especially when we develop knitted fabrics for industrial use on our machines, however we have successfully created customized fabrics for our customers.

Warp knit, is a technical and functional fabric, made for specific use within complex and intricate structures. Due to the special knitting technique, the fabric has unique qualities such as superior dimensional stability, natural elasticity and natural shape retention.

Warp knit fabrics are custom-made through our co-creation process, where we offer a close working environment between us and the customer, fulfilling their every wish and need, where we strive to innovate through our close cooperation with each customer. Our co-creation process allows us to cater to their needs and wishes. A collaboration we for 30 years have maintained with the Danish hospital industry.

Our single terry fabric is also a project between us and the military, where we deliver a unique fabric that maintains body heat and tempers at the same time, which the military, use as baselayer clothing and trousers. Customers also use our fabrics as layering fabrics for the interior in a car, fabrics for pillowcases, warp knit ribbons for the metal industry, protective bags for machine robots and fabrics for wetsuits. Our single terry fabric is also very popular in the healthcare sector, where its used for casts

Thygesen & Birk Fabrics’ warp knit and technical fabrics are constantly in development, where we through continuous collaboration with the clients try to improve our technical fabrics.