Fashion & Streetwear is a global market, a living organism with a flow of constantly new trends. Fashion is about wearing the latest new trends and designs, whereas streetwear is about diversification from the norms of the fashion world.

At Thygesen & Birk Fabric, we therefore see Fashion & Streetwear is ever-changing, where it’s essential that we are the frontrunners in development and new trends. We want to be first-movers i both the Fashion and Streetwear world, where we hope to be the first part of the process of creating new trends.


The environment is a key factor in our production, we try to minimize all shapes of environmentally procedures as much as possible, and therefore, we offer our customers full transparency in development.


We are proud of our analysis and research, where we in close cooperation with trend researchers, and through visits to various conferences, follow the newest trends and technical developments in the fashion and streetwear world. Our analysis allows us to take analysed and well-thought out decision and start our development process on the correct time.


Individuality and Creativity are key elements in the vision of Thygesen & Birk Fabrics. We are proud of our individuality and innovative approach to developing Fashion and Streetwear fabrics. Our many years of expertise, allow us to be able to have a close cooperation with the customers, to create trendy, exclusive and beautiful fabrics


The opportunities are endless for Fashion & Streetwear – everything from jaquard to structured bindings to soft jersey – through development of patterns, structures, bindings, touch and colours, we make Fashion & Streetwear a limitless project with endless possibilites. We dont want to separate Fashion and Streetwear, we however, allow our customers to differ between the two, and create their own idea of what is Fashion and what Streetwear is.


Fashion and Streetwear is in constant development and is a living project, that through trends and designs changes as the wind blows, and never stays the same over a longer period of time. At Thygesen & Birk Fabrics, Fashion & Streetwear is a project work, where we dare to take chances, like many do in the fashion and streetwear world.


We offer many different knitted fabrics, everything from patterned jacquards to texturized piques, soft jerseys, double-faced fabrics and comfy ribs.


We are not only manufacturers, we are trend experts.