As a supplier at Thygesen & Birk FABRICS, you will respect and support international human rights, regarding the civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights. If the supplier is involved in violation of the human rights, either directly or indirectly, he must cease immediately.
The supplier must respect international law regarding the rights to privacy and personal data within his employees, costumers and collaborators, as well as no discrimination.


The supplier of Thygesen & Birk FABRICS must provide a safe and healthy work environment for their employees. It is a demand that the employees is provided with statutory and sufficient safety equipment.

It is expected that the employees is getting the necessary training and education to do their job safely.


Suppliers of Thygesen & Birk FABRICS cannot use or take advantage of any kind of forced or involuntary work.

It is forbidden for the supplier to make use of child labor. Minimum age for employment is 15 years. Discrimination or harassment based on gender, national origin, religion, political conviction, age, handicap, sexual orientation, membership of unions or any form of status that is recognized by international law.


The supplier of Thygesen & Birk FABRICS must be aware of the environmental law and regulations relating the suppliers activities, products and services. It is expected that the supplier maintain the regulations and by any uncertainty regarding environmental consequences follow precautionary principle.

The supplier must at all time stay focused on limiting natural resources, harmful substances and chemicals. As well as Thygesen & Birk FABRICS encourage to the use of recycled material, wherever possible and have focus at circular economic in their products and processes.


Any supplier of Thygesen & Birk FABRICS that uses sheep (wool) in their production are bound to treat, feed and care for the animals with dignity and respect. Thygesen & Birk FABRICS do not accept mulesing.

The animals must have access to fresh grass. If they get sick or need to be put down this must be handled by recognized vet standards. 


Suppliers of Thygesen & Birk FABRICS Is not allowed to offer, promise, receive, allow, encourage to or use any form of corruption, bribery or extortion to improperly affect officials, courts, business partners or others.