We are proud to be one of the few sportwool manufacturers in the world. We have more than 15 years of know-how and experience in the field of sportwool, and with our special techniques and expertise in circular knitting we are sought-after globally.

We are specialized in producing all types of sportwool, and through development and hard work we now rely on our techniques to produce sportwool successfully.

Sportwool is a technical knitted fabric, which has a skin side base of merino wool and an outside layer of polyester.

The special knitting technique combined with wool and polyester gives the fabric a high performance, unique qualities and many possibilities for sport as well as for workwear and fashion.

We offer a wide selection of premium sportwool with Australian, Tasmanian, New Zealand or South African extra fine non-mulesed merino wool. As a new initiative we offer a transparent and traceable production where our Tasmanian wool can be traced all the way back to the farmers who produce this specific quality merino wool.

Sportwool has a lot of unique qualities, which makes it a premium performance fabric. As a natural fiber wool can absorb up to 35% of its dry weight in moisture vapor and has a natural bacteria and odor control, as well as enhanced UV-protection and natural temperature regulation. With our finishing treatment the fabrics will have an increased moisture transfer function, which works perfectly for performance textiles.

The unique combination of merino wool and polyester gives the fabric a high breathability, natural elasticity and shape retention. It also has a high degree of moisture wicking, which works perfectly against post-exercise chill. And with the superwash properties of the wool, the fabric can be machine washed and has an anti-static function as well.

We care for the environment as well as for the animals and people involved in the production, and as we care for the sheep involved in the wool production, we only offer mulesing-free merino wool.


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