industrial & technical

At Thygesen & Birk Fabrics we are proud of our creative approach when it comes to new industrial and technical fabric challenges. We have the drive for developing new fabrics, and with this drive we work hard on meeting the special requirements of fabrics for industrial and technical use.

It is a creative and challenging process to develop knitted fabrics for industrial use on our machines, but we have successfully created many customized fabrics for our customers. We offer different industrial and technical fabrics as spacer fabrics, warp knit and rib.

As our industrial customers have different needs, we have developed many different fabrics for various industries. On our résumé we can include air- and water filter fabrics for purification, layering fabrics for the interior in a car, fabrics for pillowcases, warp knit ribbons for the metal industry, fabrics for protective bags for machine robots and spacer fabrics for pram harnesses.

As for all of our qualities we offer a close collaboration with our customers, where their needs and wishes are in focus, when we co-create the right industrial and technical fabric.


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