We take pride in our individuality when it comes to creating trendy and beautiful fabrics for the fashion industry. As manufacturers we must be up front with global trends, as we are the first trend link in a production.


When our customers request trend fabrics, we offer them a selection every half year. This collection of trend fabrics is based upon our own research through travel, trend analysis and collaborations with trend agencies. We are also always updated on the newest technical tendencies in the knitting industry as we also have a close collaboration with our suppliers as well as our customers.

We love creating, and to create just the right fabrics we have an ongoing trend process, where we keep our eyes open for the newest fashion trends. We use different tools within the trend-sociology terms, research the web, visit fairs and fashion destinations, and upon all this research we make our analysis. With our analysis and input from different collaborations we can then make the final decisions and start our process of development. When we have developed and found just the right qualities and combinations, we select the final fabrics for the biannual collection.

Besides our trend collection we also create custom-made fabrics for our fashion customers. As for all of our fabrics we offer a co-creational process with our customers, where they can request a pattern, quality, color and yarn combination. We also offer to match our customers’ needs with new ideas and patterns, relying on our know-how, collected trend knowledge and expertise for fabrics.


We offer many different knitted fabrics, everything from patterned jacquards to texturized piques, soft jerseys, double-faced fabrics and comfy ribs.


We are not only manufacturers, we are trend experts.


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