OEKO-TEX – Standard 100:

Oekotex English Oekotex Danish Oekotex German


OEKO-TEX – STANDARD 100 for Sportwool:

Oekotex Sportwool English


OEKO-TEX – STANDARD 100 for Spacer Fabrics 3D:

Oekotex Spacer Fabrics English   Oekotex Spacer Fabrics Danish   Oekotex Spacer Fabrics German



There is no certification for mulesing-free wool yet – we follow Responsible Wool Standard’s work in creating a new international certification for responsible wool production and the welfare of sheep: http://responsiblewool.org/

We do only buy wool from suppliers that can provide us with a signed legal document that declares that they do not use mulesed wool. For more information about our suppliers, what mulesing is and our point of view – please contact: abb@tbfabrics.dk